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In a co-publishing agreement the publisher and an investor share the expenses of producing and marketing the book. The net revenues are shared between the publisher and the investor in the same percentage of their investment In some instances the investor is an institution or a firm that wants to use copies of the book for publicity purposes, as gifts to donors, etc., and would like to have their name listed as a co-publisher. Their investment in often in terms of pre-purchasing a specific number of books. A co-publishing agreement fits some authors who have their own business in which they are doing seminars and workshops. They want their name prominently on the book. In any of these senarios the book is published under the publisher’s imprint.

The publisher maintains inventory and does order fulfillment.

In a co-publishing arrangement funds are returned to the investor in proportion to the investor’s percentage of investment.

Kirk House Publishers may do co-publishing.

If we judge the manuscript to have literary merit and publishing potential, we begin work with the institution or individual to develop a marketing plan.

Once we have developed a marketing plan we will project the costs for the production and marketing of the book. Then, we negotiate the percentages and amounts the parties to the agreement will invest to achieve a successful publication.

When the publishing agreement has been signed by both parties, the work on the production of the book will begin. The agreement will specifically identify the necessary steps to the publication of your book and who is responsible for each.

We give personal, staff attention to the editing, production, and marketing of every co-published title.

We are a small publisher with limited resources and staff. We are not prepared to read unsolicited manuscripts. Please mail or e-mail a brief (one to two page) précis of your manuscript together with a one page definition of the audience for your book (define your audience.)

Please mail us or give us your address to receive our co-publishing packet.