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Osmo Vänskä
Orchestra Builder
This full-color coffee table book is an excellent biography with superb photography.

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Bringing of each manuscript to a book is a thrilling adventure with the author.

The Publishing Paradigm

The author's options!

You have a manuscript on which you have worked long and hard. Do you need an agent? How can you get your manuscript read by a major publisher? Or, perhaps it was returned with a rejection slip. While there may be valid reasons for the rejection slip, the fact is that you still have your manuscript.

A variety of publisher claims and warnings make it difficult to understand the various uses of terminology and even more difficult to know how to approach a publisher. The comments we hear most often are, "I am a novice a this," or "I have never published a book before, I don't know where to begin." Do not give up! The publishing industry has many stories of a manuscript rejected by one publisher becoming a best seller by another.

The Kirk House publishing paradigm provides clear information on the options available in the publishing industry. This information will enable you to be involved in the decisions regarding publication of your book.

The author's options explained. Explore these publishing industry options for turning your manuscript into a professional, marketable book.

Our paradigm, with two imprints (Kirk House and Quill House. See below),
provides a number of options by which to get your book published.
Kirk House Publishers:
      Royalty Publishing  |  Co-Publishing

Quill House Publishers:
      Subsidy Publishing  |  Self-Publishing Assistance  |  Printing Services

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I am especially indebted to the publisher who was particulary wise in his editorial and publishing decisons.
Lloyd Svendsbye

  To the publisher goes a word of thanks for his wise and patient counsel in producing this book.
Rodney Juell

  Your editorial director did the final editing with superb precision, insight, and care.

  The publisher ingeniously guided the rather complex project, which has multiple writers, to its ultimate fulfillment.
James Hofrenning