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The royalty publisher accepts your manuscript, edits, produces, markets, and does order fulfillment for the book. The author pays none of these costs. The book is published under the publisher’s imprint.

The royalty publisher pays a royalty to the author on every copy sold. With the right name and the right subject, some royalty publishers will pay the author an advance against future earned royalties.

Kirk House Publishers is a royalty publisher.

As a royalty publisher we give priority to manuscripts which are compatible with our primary catalog, and to those where the author may be known regionally or to a specific consituency (an existing connection to the primary market).

We are a small publisher with limited resources and staff. We are not staffed to read unsolicited manuscripts. Please mail or e-mail a brief (one to two page) précis of your manuscript together with a one page definition of your audience for the book ( define your audience ). Also, as a small publisher we are not prepared to make royalty advances.