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The Mechanics of Publishing


The publisher’s imprint designates the "publisher of record" for the book industry. The marks of the imprint are the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which embeds a coded reference to the publisher; the Library of Congress registration identifies the publisher; and the publisher’s name will appear on the spine of the book, on the title page, and on the copyright page.


The following is an outline of the basic steps in getting your manuscript to a published book. The steps will vary depending on the needed for your book. Some authors are better writers than others and their manuscript may require only a technical editing for consistency of style, capitalization, punctuation, etc. Some authors may require a lot of help in focusing their very good ideas, so that the book can be marketed to the niche for which it is intended. Some books require photographs or illustrations to best present the ideas of the books. Those books require more graphic design.

  1. Manuscript Preparation

    Have an specific audience in mind and focus on that audience in preparing your manuscript. Some writing coaches recommend that you have one specific person in mind and write to that person. Focus! Focus! Focus! The more clearly your manuscript is focused on a specific audience the more easily we can market the book.

    Your manuscript should be written on a computer (MAC or PC) in one of the popular wordprocessing programs (WordPerfect or Microsoft Word). Kirk House will accept manuscripts on a disk. When manuscripts are sent as an e-mail attachment, the email program often replaces certaincharacters requiring considerable editing to reconstruct the manuscript. Manuscripts prepared on one of the older proprietary wordprocessing systems will require a file conversion, which can be a costly step.

  2. Library of Congress CIP registration

    The Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication data (CIP) is necessary if your book is to be considered by librarians. The universal cataloging number is necessary to identify your book in certain marketing arenas. These applications require a draft of the manuscript and, at minimum, two weeks time.

  3. Cover Design

    Normally, we will show you two possible cover designs. Early in the process you may communicate ideas, photos, art you would like incorporated into the cover.

  4. Editing

    Often, the amount of editing a manuscript will require is a factor in the decision to publish a book For every book published under the Kirk House imprint we will do a basic technical editing for consistency of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, style, etc. If we feel the manuscript subject has merit, but requires a more substantive content editing we will give you the names of free lance editors who will work with you to enhance your work.

  5. Typesetting (formatting & design)

    Certain book subjects suggest a certain design, perhaps even a certain type font. There are certain type fonts which should not be used for the text of a book. For present computer-to-plate printing technology requring PDF files, we prefer to do the book formatting and design so that last step problems are eliminated.

  6. Copyright Registration

    Your manuscript should not leave your computer without a title page and a second page as a copyright page. On that copyright page you should put the following notice, "Copyright 20XX, Name" e.g., "Copyright 2006, Jane Doe." If your manuscript consists of several self-contained items, such as poems, you will want to program your wordprocessing software to put your copyright notice on every page. If it is later decided that the book is to be copyrighted in the name of the publisher, that assignment can be made.

  7. ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

    A Kirk House number is assigned for books published under our imprint. Instructions will be given the self-publisher for obtaining the number.

  8. BarCode / Ean Bookland

    The standardized barcode graphic is incorporated into the cover design. The barcode is used at the checkout by stores, and for inventory purposed by others who handle the book. We will obtain the graphic for the self-publisher.

  9. Printing & binding of the book

    Book manufacturing is an art. You cannot walk into any printer and expect that they will have the knowledge of the appropriate design and formatting expertise, inks, UV coatings, signature impositions, etc. to give you a quality, professional book.

  10. Marketing plan

    Book marketing is very much the skill of finding the right niche to which to publicize the book. The author of a good book has written with a specific audience in mind, therefore, the author’s involvement in developing the marketing plan is important. Often, we will work with the author to develop a marketing plan before deciding to publish the book. If we cannot find the audience there may be no point in publishing the book.

  11. Sales Tax Certificate

    The self-publisher will be required, by most states, to apply for a sales tax certificate, collect sales tax on each book sold, and file sales tax reports with the state.

  12. Order Fulfillment

    Some book orders will come for quantities, but many orders will come one at a time. Order fulfillment adds a cost to each book—packaging materials, postage, time to record the sale, delivering the book to the post office.

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