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Osmo Vänskä
Orchestra Builder
This full-color coffee table book is an excellent biography with superb photography.

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Bringing of each manuscript to a book is a thrilling adventure with the author.


We are pleased to consider publication of your manuscript.

Option A: A very brief initial query may be via email to Give us a brief description of your proposed book, and of your activities and networks.

Option B: You may send a more detailed proposal (Maximum of 10 pages) via the upload function below. Put all of your files into one folder. Please include:

  • a two- or three-page description of the thesis or the subject of your proposed book.
  • a description of your intended audience
  • the contribution of your work to scholarship, to art, or to existing literature
  • a table of contents (if applicable) that describes of each section or chapter
  • a description of the number of photos/illustrations needed for your book.
  • plans for further revision of your manuscript and the projected completion date.
  • something about your--your background, education, present activities

NOTE: We do not do our evaluations from the computer screen nor do we print a lot of paper. No more than ten pages of an email or uploaded submission will be read. A more lengthy submission should be sent as hard copy by the USPS mail. (Please put your name, email address or postal address on every sheet)

When we have made our decision to review your manuscript we will ask for: 1) A hard copy (This may be single spaced and printed on both sides of the paper. Please be sure the pages are numbered). 2) An electronic copy of your manuscript either in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. We will run that into a pagination program to calculate the length of your book. 3) More information on your background, your education, your activites, and your people networks. Often the activities and networks of the author are extremely important to the success of a book.

Under option B above and with a full-length manuscripts, we request exclusive consideration. We do not evaluate manuscripts simultaneously submitted to another press.

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I am especially indebted to the publisher who was particulary wise in his editorial and publishing decisons.
Lloyd Svendsbye

  To the publisher goes a word of thanks for his wise and patient counsel in producing this book.
Rodney Juell

  Your editorial director did the final editing with superb precision, insight, and care.

  The publisher ingeniously guided the rather complex project, which has multiple writers, to its ultimate fulfillment.
James Hofrenning